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       The Siberian Husky first enchanted me when I was attending graduate school in Missoula, Montana in 1971, and was employed by one of two brothers who regularly worked and competitively raced their all Siberian teams, I began to pal around with them, attending as many outings as time permitted; the brothers availed themselves of my assistance almost every weekend. I helped in any way I could just so that I could tag along and learn. I also was privileged to ride many times in the baskets of their sleds as they worked/trained their teams, and on several occasions I was permitted to drive a team in front of their own. I was most impressed with this gentle, intelligent, powerful, clean, and playful sled dog. After two years of "apprenticeship", it was finally deemed that I knew enough about the breed and was sufficiently dedicated to perhaps acquire a puppy of my own, and it was through these brothers that I met the Lefelts, who had an accidental breeding, and were going to destroy the litter of three unless appropriate owners could be found. I picked out my female, named her Sasha, registered her, had her spayed, and the rest of the story is that I was hooked.

        I also attended many dog shows, and after discussing this lovely breed by the hour with many breeders and exhibitors, I decided that I really aesthetically preferred the "show Type" and could easily see that this Type was what the Siberian Standard defines, but was told that I could not afford to purchase one of that quality. Finally in 1976, after coming to Washington State as a psychotherapist, I purchased my first "show dog", took handling classes, and finished her in both the US and Canada. I was most fortunate to be mentored by one of the most highly respected breeders in the Pacific Northwest (if not in the entire country), and have been a member of the SHCA since 1980, and have been a member of both the Seattle Kennel Club, and the SHCWS; I am also published in the Siberian Quarterly. While maintaining a small private practice, I have owner/handler finished six (6) Siberians in limited showings in the US, two of which were top national contenders, and have had four (4) Siberians with Canadian titles. In 1990, I paused for a respite to become ordained an ecclesiastic, am currently semi-retired from my vocation, and hope to re-enter the fancy as time permits.       

Fredric R. Cornell, MIS

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